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Disposable Medium Adult Miller F.O Laryngoscope blade no 3

Disposable Medium Adult Miller F.O Laryngoscope blade no 3


Disposable Medium Adult Miller F.O Laryngoscope blade no 3

  • Single-use, sterile disposable blades help eliminate the time, reprocessing
    steps and costs related to disinfecting reusable blades.
  • Packaged individually in a clear pouch making it easy to identify blade size
    and type.
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Stainless steel body
  • Interchangeable with all green-band fiber optic handles
  • Mac Size Measurement
  • Code       Blades                  B/No        Sizes
    NF-300   Neonate                 0            80 MM
    NF-301    Infant                     1            95 MM
    NF-302    Child                      2           105 MM
    NF-303    Medium Adult          3           135 MM
    NF-304    Large  Adult             4           155 MM

The Disposable Medium Adult Miller F.O Laryngoscope Blade No. 3 is a medical instrument commonly used in anesthesia and emergency medicine for endotracheal intubation. Here is detailed information about this specific laryngoscope blade:

  1. Type: The Miller F.O Laryngoscope Blade No. 3 is a Disposable Medium Adult Miller F.O Laryngoscope instrument, designed for single-use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
  2. Size: The No. 3 designation indicates the size of the laryngoscope blade. In the Miller system, lower numbers generally correspond to smaller sizes, and the No. 3 blade is suitable for medium-sized adult patients.
  3. Material: The blade is typically made of a medical-grade plastic or polymer that is transparent. The transparency allows for better illumination of the larynx through the fiber optic system.
  4. Design: The Miller laryngoscope blade has a straight design with a curved tip. The curvature is designed to lift the epiglottis and expose the vocal cords during intubation. The shape of the blade aids in guiding the endotracheal tube into the trachea.
  5. Fiber Optic Technology: The inclusion of fiber optic technology in the blade allows for improved visualization of the larynx. Fiber optics transmit light from a source at the handle to the tip of the blade, enhancing visibility during intubation procedures.
  6. Compatibility: The Miller F.O laryngoscope blade No. 3 is designed to be compatible with laryngoscope handles that support fiber optic blades. It’s essential to ensure that the blade is compatible with the specific laryngoscope handle being used.
  7. Individually Packaged: Like other disposable laryngoscope blades, the No. 3 blade is usually individually packaged to maintain sterility until it is ready for use.

Remember that proper training and experience are crucial for healthcare professionals to effectively and safely use laryngoscope blades. The choice of blade size depends on the patient’s age and size, and the appropriate size should be selected based on clinical judgment and guidelines. Additionally, adherence to infection control protocols is essential when using disposable medical instruments.


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