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Infant Miller Size Measurement 1

Infant Miller Size Measurement 1


Infant Miller Size Measurement 1

  • Single-use, sterile disposable blades help eliminate the time, reprocessing
    steps and costs related to disinfecting reusable blades.
  • Packaged individually in a clear pouch making it easy to identify blade size
    and type.
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Stainless steel body
  • Interchangeable with all green-band fiber optic handles
  • Miller Size Measurement
  • Code       Blades                  B/No        Sizes
    NF-200   Premature              00          68 MM
    NF-201    Neonate                 0            95 MM
    NF-202    Infant                     1            80 MM
    NF-203    Child                      2            105 MM
    NF-204    Medium Adult          3            135 MM
    NF-205    Large  Adult             4            155 MM
  1. Infant Size Measurement:
    • Infant size measurement is crucial in healthcare settings to monitor growth, and development, and assess general health.
    • Measurements often include parameters such as length (height), weight, head circumference, and sometimes chest circumference.
  2. Miller Scale:
    • The term “Miller” might refer to a specific scale or method used for assessing certain aspects of an infant’s health. However, without additional context, it’s challenging to provide precise information.
  3. Medical Devices for Infant Measurement:
    • Various devices are used in healthcare for accurate and non-invasive measurements of infants.
    • Infant length is often measured using a length board or infantometer, while weight is measured using an infant scale.
    • Head circumference is typically measured with a flexible, non-stretchable measuring tape.
  4. Importance of Infant Size Measurement:
    • Regular measurements help track an infant’s growth over time, identifying any potential health issues or developmental concerns.
    • Healthcare providers use growth charts to compare an infant’s measurements to standard values for their age and sex.

If “Infant Miller Size Measurement 1” is a specific product, it would be helpful to refer to the product documentation, and user manuals, or contact the manufacturer or a healthcare professional for detailed information. Additionally, for the most recent and accurate information, consider checking with medical professionals or product manufacturers who are up-to-date with the latest developments in pediatric care.


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