Welcome to Norfolk Instruments, a surgical manufacturing company.

our vision

Vision and Mission Statement


Advancement in our field is our obsession. This is the guarantee of our image and the desire which drives us. Our goal is to be the principal decision for all surgeons who use, procedure or buy our products. We are the brand you can depend on for reliability, durability and utmost satisfaction today and beyond.


Creating careful arrangements which appeal clients and deliver priority customer satisfaction. We furnish specialists with resources which have the results, doctors are looking for. This is owed to the commitment, precision and care which we put into our resources for the better running of production. This gives them a worth which is higher than the value they bare. Crafting an exceptional item advantage in the industry. Hence, supporting healthy lifestyles & organic growth across the globe.


Enterprise's Goal

+ Committed to human health
+ Leading the industry in disposable
+ Medical consumables manufacturing

Corporate Purposes

+ Provide a platform for employees
+ Create profits for shareholders
+ Create valve for society

Corporate Philosophy

+ Endeavor
+ Pragmatic
+ Innovation

Corporate Culture

+ Honesty
+ Responsibilities
+ Thanks giving
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