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This is the first step in the process from which the phenomenon of recruitment emerges in our organization. So it comprises a point in which we draft a comprehensive job specification for the vacancy we do have. And after that, we outline its major and minor responsibilities along with the required skill set, experience, and qualification of the required person for the vacancy. Then comes the factor of grade and level of the pay, the joining date, either it’s a temporary or a permanent job, and all other conditions are mentioned in the draft.

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Here comes another part. So if our company is cleared about the actual number of required employees and the specific qualification they are ought to have then the next step is to follow a proper strategy and its implementation for recruiting the candidates in our organization. And this process is named the development of a suitable strategy. So it pertains to the planning which is made up and followed by us to hire new people in the norfolk-int family. All the strategic considerations include are, either we have to prepare the required candidates or hire them from an external source. Also, the geographical area from which we should choose our team members and other activities to be done during the recruitment process.



In this process, candidates learn the procedures of each discipline. Whether they are in productions, the mechanical or clerical staff they are provided with written and practical education and onhand experience for the enrichment of company’s yield.



Here comes when candidates perform according to their learned skills under given criteria. And it is being done through seminars, shadowing by the senior workers, and then comes the time when they go and perform in their specific departments they are hired for. We also consider diverse human resources who are looking for such career opportunities to be with us on board. We keenly observe and evaluate their performance by keeping the protocols of the company’s standards.

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