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Neonate Miller Size Measurement 0

Neonate Miller Size Measurement 0


Neonate Miller Size Measurement 0

  • Single-use, sterile disposable blades help eliminate the time, reprocessing
    steps and costs related to disinfecting reusable blades.
  • Packaged individually in a clear pouch making it easy to identify blade size
    and type.
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Stainless steel body
  • Interchangeable with all green-band fiber optic handles
  • Miller Size Measurement
  • Code       Blades                  B/No        Sizes
    NF-200   Premature              00          68 MM
    NF-201    Neonate                 0            95 MM
    NF-202    Infant                     1            80 MM
    NF-203    Child                      2            105 MM
    NF-204    Medium Adult          3            135 MM
    NF-205    Large  Adult             4            155 MM
  1. Miller Scale or Measurement:
    • The term “Miller” may refer to a specific scale or method used in medical assessments. It might be associated with sizing or measurements for specific medical procedures or devices.
  2. Neonate Size Measurement:
    • “Neonate” refers to a newborn baby, usually up to the first 28 days of life. Therefore, “Neonate Miller Size Measurement” suggests that the product or measurement is designed for sizing or assessing newborn infants.
  3. Potential Applications:
    • If this is a medical product, it could be related to sizing or measurements relevant to medical procedures, equipment, or devices used specifically for neonates.
  4. Medical Sizing and Measurement Devices for Neonates:
    • Neonates have unique size requirements, and medical devices designed for them must be appropriately scaled. Devices for neonatal size measurement might include tools for assessing length, weight, head circumference, and other parameters crucial for monitoring the health and development of newborns.
  5. Contacting the Manufacturer or Healthcare Professional:
    • To obtain specific and accurate information about the “Neonate Miller Size Measurement,” it’s recommended to consult the product documentation, contact the manufacturer, or seek guidance from healthcare professionals who specialize in neonatal care and use such equipment.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider reaching out to the manufacturer of the product or consulting healthcare professionals with expertise in neonatal care. They can provide detailed explanations, usage guidelines, and any recent updates or developments related to the product.


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