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About Forceps
ABent Blunt Instrument Used To Facilitate Nasotracheal Intubation.

Angled Forceps Used To Guide A Tracheal Tube Into The Larynx Or A
Nasogastric Tube Into The Esophagus Under Direct Vision. It Is Also
Used To Place Pharyngeal Packs And Remove Foreign Bodies.

MAGILL FORCEPS 25 cm with a length of 25 cm refers to a medical instrument used for various purposes, most notably in the field of anesthesia and emergency medicine. Like their shorter counterparts, these forceps are designed with a curved shape to aid in the insertion of an endotracheal tube into a patient’s airway during intubation procedures.

The longer length of 25 cm provides additional reach and flexibility, which can be advantageous in cases where patients have challenging anatomical features or in situations where precise control is necessary.

MAGILL FORCEPS 25 cm, regardless of their length, are versatile tools that can also be used for removing foreign objects from the airway, assisting in procedures where the manipulation of objects in the throat or airway is required. Their design allows medical professionals to navigate airway structures with minimal trauma.

When selecting the appropriate length of MAGILL FORCEPS 25 cm, medical professionals consider factors such as patient size, anatomical variations, and the specific procedure being performed. The 25 cm length indicates a longer instrument that can offer enhanced reach and maneuverability compared to shorter versions.


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