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20 cm

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About Forceps
ABent Blunt Instrument Used To Facilitate Nasotracheal Intubation.

Angled Forceps Used To Guide A Tracheal Tube Into The Larynx Or A
Nasogastric Tube Into The Esophagus Under Direct Vision. It Is Also
Used To Place Pharyngeal Packs And Remove Foreign Bodies.

MAGILL FORCEPS 20 cm are medical instruments used in various medical fields, including anesthesia and emergency medicine, to assist with the placement of an endotracheal tube into a patient’s airway during intubation. The length of 20 cm in the Magill forceps specification refers to the overall length of the forceps.

Like the 17 cm version, the 20 cm Magill forceps have a curved design that enables medical professionals to guide the endotracheal tube through the patient’s vocal cords and into the trachea while minimizing trauma to the surrounding structures. The longer length may provide additional reach and flexibility, which can be especially helpful in certain clinical scenarios.

In addition to intubation, MAGILL FORCEPS 20 cm can also be used for removing foreign objects from the airway. Their curved shape and precision make them a valuable tool for emergency situations where maintaining a clear and open airway is critical for the patient’s well-being.

The specific length of the MAGILL FORCEPS 20 cm you mentioned (20 cm) indicates the instrument’s size and may be selected based on the patient’s anatomy and the medical professional’s preferences for the procedure.


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