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Occlusor NFD-217

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A dental instrument occlusor is a specialized tool in Germany used in dentistry to analyze and assess the alignment and occlusion (bite) of a patient’s teeth. It is typically made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and consists of two main components. The dental instrument occlusor features upper and lower members that replicate the shape and function of the upper and lower jaws.

These members are designed with various surfaces, including flat planes and inclined slopes, which simulate the natural tooth anatomy. Dental professionals use the occlusor to simulate biting and chewing movements to evaluate the alignment of the teeth and assess the occlusal relationship.

By placing the upper and lower members together, dental professionals can identify any occlusal interferences or irregularities that may affect the patient’s bite. The dental instrument occlusor allows dental professionals to adjust the position of the upper and lower members to replicate the patient’s specific occlusal characteristics accurately. This enables precise treatment planning for restorative procedures, orthodontic interventions, and occlusal adjustments.

Overall, the dental instrument occlusor is a valuable tool in Germany in dentistry for assessing and analyzing the occlusion of a patient’s teeth. Its design and adjustability assist dental professionals in evaluating occlusal relationships and planning appropriate treatment strategies to achieve optimal dental function and aesthetics.



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