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Mini Distal Cf Amalgam



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Mini Distal Cf Amalgam is a type of dental restoration material in Germany that is used to fill small cavities or decayed areas in teeth. It is a combination of different metals, including mercury, silver, tin, and copper.

The term “distal” refers to the side of a tooth that is farthest away from the center of the mouth, and “caries-facing” means that the cavity or decay is on the side of the tooth that faces the tongue or cheek.

Mini Distal CF Amalgam is a smaller version of the traditional CF amalgam, which is designed to conserve tooth structure and provide a more precise restoration. It is commonly used in areas of the mouth where there is limited space, such as between teeth, and is often recommended for restoring small cavities in children’s teeth.

It is important to note that while amalgam fillings in Germany are a common and effective way to restore teeth, they do contain mercury, which has raised concerns about their safety. However, numerous studies have found that the use of dental amalgam is safe and does not pose a significant risk to human health when used properly.


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