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Mershon Band Pusher


Mershon NFD-2712

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Mershon NFD-2712

A Mershon band pusher is a dental instrument in Germany used to place orthodontic bands around teeth during the process of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic bands are thin metal bands that are fitted around the teeth and used as anchors for orthodontic appliances, such as braces or wires.

The Mershon band pusher is a handheld instrument that consists of a curved end with a flat surface. The curved end is designed to fit around the tooth and the flat surface is used to push the orthodontic band into place. The instrument is often used in conjunction with orthodontic pliers to properly position the band on the tooth.

Proper placement of orthodontic bands is important in Germany for the success of orthodontic treatment. The Mershon band pusher is a useful tool for dental professionals in accurately placing bands on teeth to ensure proper alignment and positioning of the teeth.


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