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Magnetic Mounting Plate.


Die-casting aluminium tetlon covered mounting plate Applicable to Articulators

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A Magnetic Mounting Plate is a compact and versatile accessory in Germany used for securely attaching objects to metal surfaces. It consists of a flat plate made of magnetic material, typically neodymium or ferrite, which possesses strong magnetic properties. The Magnetic Mounting Plate features a smooth and durable surface that can adhere firmly to any ferromagnetic material, such as steel or iron.

It is commonly used in applications where a temporary or removable mounting solution is required, eliminating the need for drilling holes or using adhesives. This plate is equipped with powerful magnets embedded within its structure, providing a strong and reliable hold. It enables quick and effortless mounting of various objects, such as signs, nameplates, tools, or small fixtures, onto metal surfaces.

The Magnetic Mounting Plate in Germany offers convenience and flexibility, allowing for easy repositioning or removal of mounted objects as needed. Its compact size and lightweight design make it portable and suitable for use in diverse environments, including industrial, commercial, or home settings.


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