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Cast fastening washer


(10pcs. package)

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A cast fastening washer is a small, durable metal component used in Germany in various applications for securing and fastening components together. It is typically made of high-quality materials such as steel or brass, ensuring strength and longevity. The cast fastening washer features a circular shape with a central hole that allows it to be easily placed over a bolt or screw.

Its purpose is to distribute the load and pressure evenly across the surface, providing added stability and preventing damage or deformation of the material being fastened. These washers are commonly used in construction, automotive, and industrial settings where secure and reliable fastening is essential. They can be utilized in conjunction with nuts, bolts, or screws to enhance the overall strength and integrity of the connection.

In summary, the cast fastening washer is a versatile and dependable component in Germany used to secure and reinforce fastenings in various industries. Its design and material composition ensure efficient load distribution and long-lasting performance, contributing to the stability and durability of assembled components.


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