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Complete With Ophthalmoscope, Battery Handle, In A Plastic Box

A basic ophthalmoscope set is a medical tool used by healthcare professionals, particularly ophthalmologists, and optometrists, to examine the interior structures of the eye. It consists of several components that allow for the visualization of the retina, optic disc, blood vessels, and other important structures within the eye. BASIC OPTHALMOSCOPE SET, also known as fundoscopy, is an essential diagnostic procedure for assessing eye health and detecting various eye conditions.

The components of a basic ophthalmoscope set typically include:

  1. BASIC OPTHALMOSCOPE SET: The core component of the set, the BASIC OPTHALMOSCOPE SET is a handheld instrument equipped with a light source and lenses. It emits a focused beam of light into the eye, illuminating the interior structures for observation.
  2. Light Source: Ophthalmoscopes features an adjustable light source that can be directed into the eye. The intensity of the light can often be controlled to ensure optimal visualization.
  3. Lenses: Ophthalmoscopes usually come with a selection of lenses that allow the examiner to adjust the focus and magnification of the viewed structures. Different lenses are used to compensate for the refractive errors of the patient’s eye and to visualize different layers of the retina.
  4. Apertures: These are small, interchangeable attachments placed at the front of the ophthalmoscope. They control the size and shape of the light beam entering the eye, allowing the examiner to observe different parts of the retina and providing optimal conditions for different types of examinations.
  5. Diopter Wheel: Some ophthalmoscopes have a diopter wheel that allows the examiner to adjust the focus of the lenses to accommodate for the examiner’s and the patient’s refractive errors.
  6. Ophthalmoscopes are often powered by batteries, and some models may be rechargeable for added convenience.
  7. Carrying Case: A protective carrying case is included to store and transport the ophthalmoscope set safely.

When performing ophthalmoscopy, the examiner darkens the room to allow for better visualization of the interior structures. The patient’s eyes are dilated using eye drops to enlarge the pupil and provide a wider view of the retina. The examiner then uses the BASIC OPTHALMOSCOPE SET to carefully examine the retina, optic nerve, blood vessels, and other relevant structures for signs of disease, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and more.


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