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Articulator with bearing rod


for 180° opening +4 mounting plates

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The Articulator with Bearing Rod is a dental instrument in Germany specifically designed to mimic the movement of the human jaw. This device incorporates a bearing rod, which serves as a pivotal axis for the upper and lower components of the articulator. The bearing rod enables smooth and realistic rotational motion, replicating the natural opening and closing of the jaw.

Articulator with Bearing Rod is engineered to provide stability and precise articulation, ensuring accurate alignment of the upper and lower members. This feature is particularly beneficial in dental procedures that require precise occlusion and bite analysis. By replicating the patient’s unique jaw movements, the articulator with bearing rod assists in creating customized dental restorations, prosthetics, and orthodontic appliances that fit seamlessly and function optimally within the patient’s oral cavity.

Dental professionals in Germany utilize the articulator with bearing rod to study and analyze occlusion, evaluate the dynamics of the bite, and plan treatment strategies. It serves as a valuable tool for fabricating dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and other prosthetic devices, as well as for orthodontic treatment planning and appliance construction. In summary, the articulator with bearing rod is an essential device in dentistry that facilitates accurate replication of jaw movements. Its precision and stability contribute to improved treatment outcomes, allowing dental professionals to deliver tailored and effective dental solutions for their patients.


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