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Articulator opening 180° +4 mounting plates


Articulator opening 180° +4 mounting plates NFD-215

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The Articulator opening 180° +4 mounting plates is a versatile and practical tool in Germany used in various fields, particularly in dentistry and orthodontics. This specialized device plays a crucial role in the precise and accurate replication of a patient’s jaw movements, aiding in the creation of dental prosthetics, restorations, and orthodontic appliances. The standout feature of this articulator is its ability to open up to a 180° angle, allowing for a wide range of movement to mimic the natural opening and closing of the human jaw. This feature is essential for accurately capturing the patient’s occlusal relationship, enabling the dentist or orthodontist to analyze the bite and plan treatment accordingly. The articulator is equipped with four mounting plates that securely hold dental casts or models, which represent the upper and lower arches of the patient’s teeth. These mounting plates ensure stability and precise positioning of the models, facilitating the examination and manipulation of the dental occlusion.

With the help of the Articulator opening 180° +4 mounting plates, dental professionals can simulate various jaw movements, such as protrusion, retrusion, lateral excursions, and centric relation. This allows for comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and the fabrication of dental appliances that fit accurately and function harmoniously with the patient’s natural occlusion. The device is typically constructed from high-quality materials like stainless steel or durable plastics to ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear. It is designed to be adjustable and customizable, accommodating the unique needs of each patient and supporting the precise replication of their jaw movements.

Overall, the Articulator opening 180° +4 mounting plates in Germany provide a reliable and practical solution for dental professionals, allowing them to study the dynamic relationship between the upper and lower teeth, plan treatments, and fabricate dental restorations and appliances with utmost accuracy and precision.


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