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Complete Set of BASIC DERMATOSCOPES SET With Spare Lamp

A BASIC DERMATOSCOPES SET is a specialized medical instrument used by dermatologists and other healthcare professionals to closely examine the skin and its various features. It’s commonly used for diagnosing skin conditions, moles, lesions, and other dermatological concerns. A BASIC DERMATOSCOPES SET typically includes the following components:

  1. Dermatoscope Device: The core component of the set is the dermatoscope itself. It’s a handheld instrument with a light source and a magnifying lens system that allows for a detailed examination of the skin. Some dermatoscopes have built-in lighting, while others use external light sources.
  2. Magnification Lens: The BASIC DERMATOSCOPES SET usually has a magnifying lens that helps visualize the skin features with greater clarity. Some models allow for adjustable levels of magnification.
  3. Light Source: The dermatoscope includes a light source, which can be either built-in or an attachment. This illumination helps highlight the skin’s surface and underlying structures, aiding in the identification of various skin characteristics.
  4. Contact Plate or Spacer: To ensure proper contact with the skin and maintain a consistent distance between the device and the skin surface, many dermatoscopes come with a contact plate or spacer. This helps eliminate shadows and distortions caused by uneven pressure.
  5. BASIC DERMATOSCOPES SET Polarized Filters: Some dermatoscopes have polarized filters that help reduce glare and reflections from the skin’s surface. This can enhance visibility and improve diagnostic accuracy.
  6. Device Housing and Handle: The BASIC DERMATOSCOPES SET is designed to be held comfortably in hand during examinations. The housing may also include controls for adjusting the light intensity, magnification, and other settings.
  7. Power Source: Dermatoscopes require a power source to operate. This could be batteries, rechargeable batteries, or an external power supply.
  8. Carrying Case: Many dermatoscopy sets come with a protective carrying case to keep the instrument safe during transport and storage.

It’s important to note that the features and components of a BASIC DERMATOSCOPES SET can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and intended use. Some advanced dermatoscopy models might also have digital capabilities, allowing for image capture, storage, and sharing for documentation or consultation purposes.


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